How patient opinions can help to improve Healthcare

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This entry follows previous articles where I described advantages that Opinator offers to capture and analyze the opinion of users of a product or service, and explained my vision about the possibilities and issues to overcome in Healthcare environment. As this cloud service may be offered worldwide, I’ve decided to write this entry in English to facilitate the knowledge worldwide.

More than speak about a list of performances and advantages, I’ve prepared a real demonstration based in a simulated environment, that I hope let readers to test by themselves and achieve their own conclusions.

So let imagine that we are following three patients. John is an active professional, Elly is a retired woman living in a city and Mary is an elder grandmother living in a small village. John goes to his family physician after have arranged an appointment by internet. Elly is a chronic diabetic and decided to go to the same physician to wait for a slot to be attended. In the family physician office, there is a notice like this:

John, that has an smartphone, while waiting, reads the notice and decides to give his opinion. First he downloads the app. After the visit, he quickly scans the QR-code, and in 3 seconds he sends his opinion. Please, play the role of John and reproduce his behavior.

Elly copies the internet URL and decides that she will share her opinion in the afternoon from his flat rate internet connection at home. Please, play the role of Elly and send your opinion by the same channel than her, via this URL

Mary has been hospitalized and stays at ICU because her serious health condition. In the waiting room there is this notice:

She is not in position to give her opinion, but her son, that is waiting all the day at the hospital, goes to have a rest and finds a touch public tablet at the lobby and decides toOpinator touch on the icon and give his opinion. Repeat the Mary’s son idea, clicking in the attached icon.

In the afternoon, one of the Mary’s grandsons arrives and sees the notice. He hurries to scan the QR code and send his opinion. At the same time there other people waiting in the same room and one of them decided to share his opinion as well, sending a  message from his mobile phone to the number +34 661 503 100 with the format “UCI(space)There are few seats!”. Repeat the steps of Mary’s grandson and the other person in the waiting room.

While all of these was happening, in the Quality Department of this healthcare organization a big display is monitorizing on line the users opinions. As well, the General Manager takes a break in a meeting he is having and from his mobile phone has a look to the users opinions to avoid any surprise. Monitor yourself the users opinions by clicking this URL  (user name and the password test )

Opinator Touch in this icon and give me your opinion about my blog

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